Q: What kind of work do you publish?

A: Blue Hour Press is a new publisher focused on collaborating with young, up-and-coming artists. We are looking for folks who have never been published or have been only on a small scale. We love working with artists to produce their first zine or photo book. We prioritize projects that are handmade, small editions. 

Q: Who can submit?

A: A
nyone! We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse community of artists who uplift and support each other. We are especially interested in new photography that presents questions or ideas regarding current issues and events.

Q: What should I do if I have an idea for a photo book or zine?

A: Contact us via email (hello@bluehour.press) or fill out our submission form here. 

Q: What’s the process for getting published?

A: Unfortunately we cannot take on every project that is submitted to us, so if there is interest in your proposal we will reach out and schedule a zoom call to further discuss the project. We may not be able to take on your project immediately, in which case we will let you know approximately when we will be able to start designing your zine/book. Printing costs will be covered by us whether it’s a handmade project printed in our studio, or a larger edition project printed elsewhere. The artist can receive profit off the sales of the finished product should they choose to do so, but only after all printing and material costs are covered. We handle all distribution in-house. 

Note: Blue Hour Press is a small independent publisher founded in 2021 by Alec Ilstrup. We would love to eventually publish large edition photo books, monographs, and artist books, but for the time being we are focused mainly on creating small edition handmade photo books and zines. 
Blue Hour Press 2021 — Brooklyn, NY